Nexgard Combo For Cats

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Nexgard Combo is a new and improved version of the popular Nexgard treatment....that's for cats! It is designed to provide comprehensive protection against both internal and external parasites in cats that are 8 weeks old or older and weigh at least 0.8kg. The treatment consists of three active ingredients: esafoxolaner, eprinomectin, and praziquantel. These ingredients work together to kill fleas and ticks, prevent heartworm infections, and treat tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and lungworms. Nexgard Combo also protects against ear mites and is effective against black-legged ticks for four weeks and Ixodes ricinus ticks for five weeks. In addition, Nexgard Combo can be used as a treatment for Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and kills fleas within 24 hours before they can lay eggs.

Main Benefits

Nexgard Combo is a treatment for cats that offers a range of benefits:

  • It effectively kills adult fleas and helps to control flea infestations.
  • It treats and controls Black-legged ticks (Ixodes Scapularis) and Lone star ticks (Amblyomma Americanum).
  • It kills fleas before they can lay eggs, helping to prevent the development of further infestations.
  • It prevents heartworm infections, which can be serious and potentially life-threatening for cats.
  • It treats and controls tapeworm infections, which can cause a range of symptoms including weight loss, diarrhea, and abdominal discomfort.
  • It is effective against ear mite infections, which can cause irritation and inflammation in the ears.
  • It treats and controls infections caused by hookworms, roundworms, and lungworms, all of which can cause a range of symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss.
  • It can be used as a treatment for Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), a condition that can cause severe skin irritation and discomfort in cats.


Nexgard Combo is a treatment for cats that is intended for topical use only and should not be ingested. It is not recommended for use in cats that are younger than 8 weeks old or weigh less than 0.8kg. When applying Nexgard Combo to your cat, be careful to avoid getting the product in your cat's eyes. If accidental eye contact occurs, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water. If you experience skin or eye irritation after using Nexgard Combo, consult a medical professional. To prevent chemical exposure, it is recommended to wear disposable gloves when handling the product. After application, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Allow the treatment to dry completely before handling your cat. Keep Nexgard Combo out of reach of children.