Revolution Plus For Cats

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Revolution Plus For Cats - Effective Protection Against Fleas and Worms


Revolution Plus for Cats is a brand of topical, “spot-on” flea, tick, intestinal parasite, and heartworm preventative containing the main ingredients selamectin and sarolaner. It is a newer version of the older product, Revolution for Cats. Revolution Plus for Cats is a topical liquid solution that is applied to the surface of a small target area or “spot” of the skin, usually in front of the shoulders at the back of the neck. It is FDA approved and safe for cats and kittens 8 weeks of age and older.

Revolution Plus for Small Cats 2.8-5.5lbs
Revolution Plus for Medium Cats 5.6-11lbs
Revolution Plus for Large Cats 11.1-22lbs


Revolution Plus for Cats provides a spectrum of action against adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching. It targets the intestinal worms roundworms and hookworms, ear mites, mosquito-borne heartworms, and three types of ticks: the American dog tick, black-legged/deer tick, and the Gulf Coast tick. Revolution Plus spot-on product is a monthly topical solution applied to a small target area or “spot” of the skin.


Revolution Plus for Cats is easy to apply. Simply squeeze Revolution out and onto the skin just in front of your cat’s shoulder blades once a month. Two hours later, your pet will receive protection against fleas (including their eggs and larvae), heartworms, ticks, and other parasites for the next 30 days.


Revolution Plus has been demonstrated safe for cats and kittens as young as 8 weeks old, weighing 2.8 lbs or more. Reported side effects in clinical trials included lethargy and anorexia. Exercise caution with cats that have a history of neurologic disorders, as it can cause complications. And always consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any kind of new product.


The main ingredients found in Revolution Plus are selamectin and sarolaner.